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Calico Energy's Utilibridge Application


Unlocking energy data for buildings at scale.

Verified data for utilities and their customers.


Over 15 years of partnering with utilities to improve their data.

Data Accuracy

Verified, accurate, and aggregated data for all buildings. 


Ongoing application updates as requirements evolve.

We know utilities.

Utility data comes in all shapes and sizes. At Calico, we know how important data integrity, accuracy, and reliability is for your business. We have 15 years of experience delivering quality utility data to customers. The Utilibridge™ team’s extensive data verification process means we can troubleshoot and resolve issues before the customer views their data. And our white labeled platform enables a seamless experience for your customers.

We make data delivery easy. Plain and simple.

Utilibridge™ aggregates, delivers, and visualizes usage data for building owners and managers.  Compliance and ongoing data submission to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® are easy. Year-over-year and full range usage are available. Users can do as much or as little as they want with their data.  

Security & Privacy

  • SOC 2 certified
  • Flexible integration with utility data systems
  • Bi-directional integration with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®

Building Owners Tools

  • Third party access for building owners and managers with no utility account
  • We support all building types – multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, and residential.
  • Tenant consent support

Customer Support & Training:

  • With three levels of support, you choose what works best for you and your customers.  
  • Weekly training courses for users and utility owners. 

An Empowering Tool

ComEd’s Energy Usage Data System (EUDS) empowers our customers with accurate whole building data to determine smart choices for their buildings. ComEd is excited to use the building level data available from EUDS to support marketing efforts, energy efficiency leads, and internal reporting.  

EUDS Program Manager


Amazing Customer Support

What makes Calico’s support team special is they were able to talk to an accounting VP of a non-REIT with no experience in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and get him across the finish line for sharing meters with Pepco.



A powerful view:

What utilities can do with building data.

  • Interactive views and reporting for targeted program outreach.   
  • Configurable workflows and approvals of building owner requests or actions, enabling customized support models.  
  • ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® data and reports for aggregate and individual building level views.  

Solution-In-Action At ComEd

With the onset of numerous regulations and incentives requiring submission of energy usage data, ComEd’s deployment, known as EUDS (Energy Usage Data System), is a success story for other utilities looking to help customers leverage the ENERGY STAR® program. Realizing the growing need for a whole building benchmarking application (and the likelihood of future regulations), ComEd launched EUDS years ahead of Chicago’s 2013 benchmarking ordinance

The EUDS tool provides a secure way for building owners and operators to access their data and manage energy usage. For its efforts, the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) awarded ComEd its Outstanding Achievement in Energy Program Design & Implementation award. ComEd also received the ENERGY STAR® Special Recognition Award for Innovation in Customer Service. 

How Utilibridge™ Supports Utilities

In a complex energy services and distribution ecosystem, utilities face an array of program, and regulatory obstacles. As an experienced utility data services vendor, Calico enables the simplicity of automation, flexibility of use and meaningful insights that create opportunities within your organization — right now, and in the future. 

Our Utilibridge™ platform provides data that can support a variety of utility programs. Additionally, our expertise and history with this data can be leveraged to optimize your programs.   

Technology and Engineering Resource:

We understand that every utility is different. Our technology and engineering support for utilities involves working side-by-side to define, design and deliver technical proof of concept or pilot programs. 

Our approach:

Calico brings over 15 years of experience working with utilities to solve problems, meet the demands of compliance and drive innovation.  

Utility Program Management:

Our utility program management consultants, technical analysts and data experts know how to make programs work for you. Together, our team of professionals is a pragmatic group of utility program experts, data and software engineers, and industry strategists.  

Ready to see our application in Action?