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building benchmarking product

Utilibridge™ & pragmatic Utility tools

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Energy Data Services, Engineering resources & systems integration

utility program design

Utility program Design and management

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building benchmarking product

Calico’s Utilibridge helps utilities respond to customer data requests in a user-friendly application. It gives building owners and operators an easy way to manage multi-tenant buildings and energy usage data. The application surfaces useful insights that increase energy efficiency and optimize operations for all involved.

Commercial and residential distributed resource utility program design, management, technical support and tools.

Proof of concept, pilot and new program development to address objectives ranging from innovation to compliance.

Reporting and auditing, including M&V of DSM/load management programs.

Systems integration, including data management, delivery and display.

We're Utilibridge™, energy data and utility program experts.

Everything we do, from Calico’s Utilibridge™ to our program management and engineering solutions, is designed to meet utility program goals.

Calico solved some of the industry’s most complex data aggregation and energy usage system problems with our first building benchmarking product. Today, our technical experts, analysts and program managers continue to tackle an evolving array of industry data issues. In a rapidly changing environment, we offer ready-to-implement, configurable products, energy data services and pragmatic consulting. Whether your aim is business efficiency, innovation or both, we’re here to help. 

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Learn more about Calico's experienced whole building data product leaders, and utility program design consultants, engineers and analysts.

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Interested in the Future of Whole Building Benchmarking? Us Too.

If you’re thinking about the future of the building sector, you’re probably focused on reducing emissions and making smart energy decisions. At Calico, we believe those goals depend on a better understanding of our buildings. To do that, we need the best mechanisms and processes in place. Read our white paper “The Future of Benchmarking: A ‘Geography-First’ Approach” to explore how regional utility collaboration on whole building benchmarking products and services create a more user/business/environment-friendly tomorrow.

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Calico Energy provides trusted technical products and services for utilities and their partners.

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