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The Future of Benchmarking

A Geography-First Approach to Whole Building Benchmarking

In this industry white paper, we explore the idea of regional building benchmarking solutions: collaborative approaches that deliver value and potential for utilities, building owners and local governments.

So, What Does A Regional Building Benchmarking Approach Look Like?

And what can it do for your organization?​

regional building benchmarkingAcross the country, new building benchmarking requirements and building performance standards are cropping up every year. It’s no longer just first adopters rolling out these mandates — benchmarking is here to stay. But with the building sector accounting for 40% of total U.S. energy consumption, whole building benchmarking is bigger than compliance.* It’s vital in our energy efficiency and sustainability efforts and it’s worth examining how we can make the most meaningful impact.

This Future of Benchmarking white paper explores a geography-first approach: regional stakeholders and utilities working together to create value for customers. More than that, it can reduce costs for utilities and builds scalable ways to achieve energy savings and carbon emissions reductions. 

To learn more about the regional building benchmarking approach, what we’re calling Geography-First whole building benchmarking, read the full white paper: The Future of Benchmarking: A Geography-First Approach.

*Institute for Market Transformation, Building Energy Policies and Programs,

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