Calico's Whole Building Benchmarking Application For utilities

User-friendly whole building benchmarking software for utilities and their customers.

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Calico’s whole building Benchmarking Application helps utilities respond to customer data requests in an easy-to-use building benchmarking software experience. Furthermore, it gives building owners and operators a way to manage multi-tenant buildings and energy usage data. This paves the way for useful insights that increase energy efficiency and optimize operations.

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Why Calico?


Our application is configurable on business requirements. Once we understand specific utility needs (aggregation thresholds, regulatory concerns), our product experts and engineers can create effective software solutions.


Calico’s resume includes over a decade of utility program management and engineering support. We partner with our customers from planning to launch to ongoing support. As a result, we’re committed to making every single implementation a success.


We build for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities. For this reason, our engineers and experts are constantly improving the application based on a roadmap of industry and market inputs. And we’re agile, so when requirements evolve, we’ll be ready to meet the challenge with you.

Energy Management and Whole Building Benchmarking Built for Users

Utility Program Managers and Admins can…

  • Provide automated access to multi-tenant building energy usage data for building owner customers, while protecting confidential data

  • Automatically connect with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to perform whole building benchmarking and generate reports

Building Owners can…

  • Create buildings, confirm tenants and view data history, while maintaining account privacy

  • Categorize, analyze, manage and submit aggregated building usage data directly to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®

  • Identify and quantify the impact of energy efficiency projects and building retrofits

A Closer Look at the Whole Building Benchmarking Application

Benchmarking Compliance, Program Possibilities.

The building sector accounts for around 40% of total U.S. energy usage.* For state and local legislative bodies across the nation, building benchmarking policies are the first step in shrinking that statistic. In addition, new building energy performance standards (BEPS) are taking aim at more dramatic changes. It’s simple on paper. In reality, implementation is more complicated for utilities and their customers, especially when it comes to handling and aggregating building data. Many utilities face a loaded choice: operate in spreadsheets, build a tool from scratch or find a third-party solution. And many of these options only address parts of the data problem.

Calico’s whole building Benchmarking Application for utilities is purpose-built to simplify benchmarking. Unlike many solutions on the market, our building benchmarking software is designed to handle complex multi-tenant building scenarios. For building owners, the application uncovers energy insights that lead to meaningful retrofits and for utilities, it helps simplify administration and unlock possibilities across programs.

*U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2018: Consumption and Efficiency. Available at:

Solution-In-Action At ComEd

With the onset of numerous regulations and incentives requiring submission of energy usage data, ComEd’s Benchmarking Application deployment, known as EUDS (Energy Usage Data System), is a success story for other utilities looking to help customers leverage the ENERGY STAR® program. Realizing the growing need for a whole building benchmarking application (and the likelihood of future regulations), ComEd launched EUDS years ahead of Chicago’s 2013 benchmarking ordinance

The EUDS tool provides a secure way for building owners and operators to access their data and manage energy usage. For its efforts, the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) awarded ComEd its Outstanding Achievement in Energy Program Design & Implementation award in February 2010. ComEd also received the 2009 ENERGY STAR® Special Recognition Award for Innovation in Customer Service. 

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