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Calico's Utilibridge™ Solution

In this case study, we examine the capabilities, unique features for users, and the larger impact the tool has on building decarbonization at scale.

Calico's Utilibridge™ Solution

Building Benchmarking Made Easy, For All Involved.

Buildings are key to decarbonization and energy efficiency. Baseline data access is the first step. Calico’s Utilibridge™ solution creates verified building-level utility data, connecting utilities with the buildings they serve and enabling the ecosystem that powers, owns, manages, serves, regulates, and inhabits the built world.  

Utilibridge™ allows building owners and operators to retrieve whole building, aggregated data, relaying it to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® quickly and easily. Our application enables compliance with benchmarking ordinances and gives owners and operators a simple way to request and submit building-wide energy usage data.  

The increasing momentum around building focused energy policy mandates reliable access to accurate baseline data. Incomplete data renders those policies ineffective from the beginning. Evaluating energy use in a building without accurate data misses the mark.   

In this case study you will learn about the role the Utilibridge™ solution has played in the building decarbonization efforts within the City of Chicago in our partnership with ComEd. 

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