Benchmarking Application

Whole-building, aggregated data in one easy-to-use tool.

benchmarking compliance, fast and simple.

Tested and proven successful in our current implementations, Calico’s Benchmarking Application helps utilities respond to their customers’ data requests in one easy-to-use application. It gives building owners and operators a way to manage properties and whole-building energy usage data, paving the way for the useful insights that increase energy efficiency and optimize operations.

What our Benchmarking Application can do for Utilities:

  • Provides automated access to building-wide energy usage data from existing back-office systems for building and property management customers, while protecting confidential customer data

  • Automatically connects with the ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager® to perform benchmarking at a customer’s building and generate reports

What Our Benchmarking Application can do for building owners:

  • Categorizes, analyzes, manages and submits usage data directly to the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®

  • Immediately identifies and quantifies the impact of energy efficiency projects and building retrofits on energy usage

  • Tax benefits and potential utility incentives for ENERGY STAR certification

The state of building benchmarking — And the future.

In cities, counties and states across the nation, legislative bodies are releasing new benchmarking requirements. It’s no longer just large cities and first adopter states rolling out these mandates — benchmarking is becoming the norm, making the challenges to utilities and building owners stark. Utilities need a simple way to deliver data to their customers, and owners and operators need a single, easy-to-use application to acquire that data, whether it’s electric, gas or water.

Today, benchmarking still often entails manual requests and labor-intensive collection processes, particularly in the case of multi-tenant facilities. But we believe there’s a more efficient way. With a single solution like Calico’s Benchmarking Application, electric, gas and water utilities can deliver simplicity for customers and ease of implementation and ongoing maintenance internally.

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