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Want to Make the Most of AMI Data Today? Look to Whole Building Benchmarking.

Want to make the most of AMI data today? Look to whole building benchmarking. When AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) entered the scene in 2009, it provided a textbook innovation, making an existing process better. We needed the change – traditional metering relies heavily on manual monitoring and mechanical devices, while AMI enables granular customer data to be transmitted with incredible frequency. As the industry has evolved, AMI (and AMI data) has become a path towards use of smart meter connected devices, IoT applications, BTM programs and expansion of electrification, along with endless ways to analyze,

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Think Whole Building Benchmarking is all About Compliance? Think Again.

Think whole building benchmarking is all about compliance? Think again. If we asked the question “why does whole building benchmarking data matter?” to a panel of building owners, utilities, policy makers, energy consultants, retrofit experts, researchers, government entities and others, a common thread in the answers might be: measuring building energy performance and making changes are the first steps in reducing carbon emissions. Though motivations depend on where you sit (benchmarking compliance at the forefront), benchmarking matters in the context of energy efficiency. We need to make our current building stock more efficient. With 40%

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In Demand Response, Ushering in the New Should Not Mean Replacing the Old.

In demand response, ushering in the new (DERMS) should not mean replacing the old. “Is DR a thing of the past?” It’s a question being asked, to various degrees, across the energy sector. It comes down to this: in the age of BYO devices and automation, of DERMS and big technology solutions, people are asking where long-operating demand response programs (DR) fit. The question itself isn’t wrong: we should absolutely think about how programs can improve and how we can better meet the needs of our customers. But one implication of the question is that DR

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WFH in a Crisis: A Small Company Perspective on the Subtle Things that Matter Most.

WFH in a crisis: A small company perspective on the subtle things that matter most. It’s impossible to scroll through any news or social feed right now without encountering this refrain: working from home can be hard, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic (along with some version of “Here are the best tips for making it work!”). Balancing kids at home, partners and roommates working in shared space, the reality that we’re used to being off the clock in our homes, the anxiety saturating the world around us: it’s all challenging. When lives are at risk,

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