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Tools that serve an essential purpose wherever they’re utilized.

For over a decade, the Calico team has worked within utilities, building software, manipulating data and connecting disparate systems. As a result, we’ve developed tools and products that address many common, yet complex, utility needs: addressing benchmarking mandates, interfacing with PJM, integrating with smart thermostat vendors and more. We understand the technical realities at stake, and we’ve created tools designed to fit where you need them.

Calico’s Benchmarking Application

Tested and proven successful in our client implementations, Calico’s Benchmarking Application empowers building owners and operators with the ability to pull whole-building, aggregated data, relaying it to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® quickly and easily. This simple application for managing properties and accessing electric, water and gas usage data paves the way for the useful insights that increase energy efficiency and optimize operations.

building benchmarking product
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Smart Thermostat Integration Tools

Calico offers applications, software tools, hosting and other services to automate and support your best-in-class Demand Response, Dynamic Pricing and other Demand Side Management (DSM) initiatives. We’ve built integrations with a variety of industry entities, including multiple Smart Thermostat vendors, PJM and other regional transmission organizations, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® and many other vendors in the space. This experience, and our accompanying technology, means that we’re ready and able to implement solutions based on specific customer needs. To find out how our tools can help enable a successful program or initiative for your organization, contact us today.

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