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We’re the PMs, technologists and data experts who make utility programs work.

Together, our team of professionals is a pragmatic group of utility and energy experts, data and software engineers and market and business strategists. Whether you need a smart thermostat program design expert or someone to translate your regulator’s new requirements for data submission, we can mobilize resources to deliver for your team. We’re ready to help with your commercial and residential distributed resource management programs.

What is Demand Side management?

load curtailment

On the consumer side, demand side management (or load management) seems simple: altering energy consumption behavior for an incentive. But for utilities, it takes a lot to make programs work. Whether it’s smart thermostats or switches, utilities need the right equipment in the field. Program owners need systems and processes that ensure smooth event management. And across any program, you need clean, organized data for reporting, auditing and more.

Calico’s years of experience in load management mean that we consider each and every element of program success. We’d love to talk about your program goals or plans for new initiatives.

Design for ongoing program success

From smart meters to load reduction and curtailment processes, there are many programs (and solutions) at play in the utility space. With layers of regulations, consumer protections and increasing IoT/BYOD realities, utility program managers have many options. And underlying everything sits detailed information exchange, complicated workflows and integrations across systems.

In our experience, good program design depends on organizing and querying clean, aggregated data. We help our customers make sure their programs are set up to handle it all, and we are always ready to help unpack the trickle down effects of new requirements.

Focus areas and expertise:

  • Interfacing with the hardware on customer and control sides
  • Integrating into utility backend systems
  • Event management
  • Program operations
  • Field studies
  • Bid analysis for RTO participation
  • Measurement and verification (M&V) analysis

Enhance your technical and engineering resources

Our technical consultants are data and reporting experts. In partnership with our clients and their systems, they build and manipulate data sets, design and document business requirements, generate inputs and evaluate results.

Calico maintains a complete engineering team, ready to support your implementation needs at any step — from market research and product prioritization to deployments in production environments, and everything in between.  

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