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The Coming Electricity Crisis

What is Happening

There’s a dilemma arising from the simultaneous demands for reducing emissions and accommodating growing energy needs. This predicament is mainly fueled by the expansion of new artificial-intelligence data centers, federally subsidized manufacturing plants, and the government’s push for an electric-vehicle transition, all happening alongside the closure of fossil fuel facilities.

Calico’s Take

In a world where innovation and progress enhance quality of life and economic opportunities, we must strike a balance between unrestricted growth and the pressing climate and energy needs of our planet.

One area where we can increasingly identify actionable and impactful data to find opportunities for emission reductions is the building sector.

Achieving the necessary equilibrium between reducing emissions and accommodating load growth calls for flexibility. Flexibility must serve as the intermediary between cutting back on supply and meeting the growing load in the short term. To accomplish this, we need to thoroughly grasp the nature and distribution of our energy consumption, with a special emphasis on buildings.


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