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Joint Letter from DOE, EPA, and HUD requesting utility data for multifamily properties

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On January 25th, 2024, the Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued a joint statement asking utility companies to come to the table and make energy and water usage data available for multifamily properties. The essence of the statement was their joint commitment to “championing the availability of whole-building utility data access.”

Agencies desire for greater impact: 

“Multifamily properties are home to more than 19 million low-income households (over 15% of all U.S. households) and many of these properties need upgrades that would significantly reduce energy and water costs for their residents.”

“… in order to streamline participation in these programs and/or maximize the impact of available investments, property owners need access to complete energy use data for their buildings – something which is typically not available to owners of multifamily properties (because individual residents often have their own utility accounts). Therefore, we are asking that you take action to make whole-building utility data available to multifamily owners seeking to improve the efficiency of their properties through these and other programs.  Making these data easily available for multifamily properties is critical to the ability of property owners participating in these programs to assess the need for energy upgrades and prioritize those upgrades which will have the greatest benefit to their residents.”

Calico’s take: 
Direct access to verified whole-building utility data is critical for multifamily building owners across the country to leverage federal funding available. This is a historic time with billions of dollars on the table for building owners of all shapes and sizes to make smart choices for their buildings. At Calico, we know the process of making this data available is complex and relies on high levels of coordination from utilities. We also know it is possible. Beyond immediate funding, there is massive potential in this data for property owners and utilities, in equal measure. Calico is committed to building this data bridge and has invested deeply in our collaboration with utilities to deliver high quality data to building owners all over the country.


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