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Technology and engineering support for utilities

Deliver next generation programs and innovation initiatives.

Are you looking to enhance your IT team with trusted, experienced professionals? Need product experts to take early stage ideas through execution and delivery? Calico provides flexible, skilled technology and engineering support for utilities.

Design, build and deliver Program innovation with Calico's Technology and Engineering Support for Utilities.

What does five years from now look like for your organization? Ten years? It’s an important question for utilities in today’s world, and it begs some follow-ups. What technologies will you need? Processes? Data structures? To help our customers build for the present and the future, Calico creates lab-ready pilots to demo future technologies for utilities.

Our Engineering and Product teams work with customers to test and prove out new potential programs. Our technology and engineering support for utilities involves working side-by-side to define, design and deliver technical proof of concept or pilot programs. We also understand that every utility is different — Calico can build and deploy within existing systems or build systems and infrastructure from scratch.  

technology and engineering support for utilities

Systems Integration

Programs often succeed or fail at the data level. Utilities and their partners need reliable access to the best possible data. Our experts take raw data, packaging it so that external vendors, regulators, applications, internal teams or any approved stakeholder can consume it via organized displays. We also go beyond the typical characteristics of a systems integrator. Our team strives to do more than check boxes — we work with groups on both sides to ensure data integrity and a successful, ongoing engagement for all involved.

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