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Kevin Bricknell

Senior Advisor

Check out Kevin’s LinkedIn profile to review his previous experience.

As a Senior Advisor for Calico, Kevin Bricknell brings an expansive portfolio of industry experience, utility program leadership and deep subject matter expertise in energy efficiency, including building benchmarking. For customers, Kevin serves as a trusted adviser and industry strategist – his proven experience in leading nationwide utility programs and initiatives make him a unique consultant. His practical knowledge of the inner workings of utility organizations coupled with his technology-forward perspective on the future of the space means that he straddles both the realities of meeting immediate needs and the potential of investing in innovation.

Kevin has been working in the utility space for over forty years, much of it with ComEd, an Exelon Company. His leadership in Energy Data Management Services led ComEd to create and deploy a fully functional benchmarking application seven years ahead of Chicago’s 2013 benchmarking ordinance. His attention to customer needs and vision for the future of benchmarking garnered ComEd U.S. EPA, DOE, AESP awards and more.

Kevin understands the needs and challenges of utility program managers because he’s been in their shoes. When approaching any customer engagement, he’s able to meet utility stakeholders where they are, providing practical advice and strategic routes forward. Kevin’s long career, highlighted by significant recognition with ComEd, enables him to open doors for customers across the space, from policymakers to special interest groups and regulatory agencies. For utilities at any stage in the benchmarking support process, Kevin applies experience and savvy to help meet business goals, while also advocating for the customer experience.Ad

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