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Kate Roberts

Product Support Manager

Check out Kate’s LinkedIn profile to review her previous experience.

As a Product Support Manager for Calico, Kate Roberts supports customer needs and provides end-to-end support for Calico’s Benchmarking Application implementations. Kate brings over seven years of on-the-ground experience in the energy sector, specifically in energy efficiency and energy data management. She’s worked with non-profits, directly interfacing with non-profit building owners to complete energy efficiency assessments and conduct retrofits, and worked with commercial real estate, assisting buildings with ENERGY STAR® award and benchmarking ordinance submittal. Kate understands the unique set of challenges facing utility customers when it comes to data access.

Kate’s experience as a consultant for large commercial real estate companies enhances her ability to provide relevant, but sometimes overlooked, perspectives on how to make benchmarking easier for utility customers. She’s familiar with how energy assessments and retrofits work, from contractor selection to rebate form submittal. She excels at taking energy-related concepts and translating them to get people from all walks of life involved in energy-saving measures and programs.

For Calico’s customers, Kate leverages academic training in Environmental Science and Engineering, a LEED AP ID+C professional credential, PMP certification, and hands-on experience with building owners and operators to help utilities deliver effective, user-friendly benchmarking solutions for customers. She brings extensive experience working with utilities across the nation, so she understands their ecosystem and the challenges they face. Kate also understands that potential utilities must lead change in the field of building benchmarking and knows that creating solutions that work for all involved is the only way to meet efficiency and business goals.

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