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Corby Burkmier

Senior Consultant

Check out Corby’s LinkedIn profile to review her previous experience.

An alum of Bell Labs and Lucent, Corby Burkmier is distinguished by her extensive industry experience and technical aptitude. Her accomplishments are wide-ranging: from helping develop the 911 system to working on air to ground communications. Over her 30+ working with technology, a significant portion with utilities, Corby has become a go-to resource for customers, using her unique demand side management knowledge base and accompanying technical skills to make programs successful.

As a Senior Consultant, Corby manages dynamic pricing and demand response programs for Calico’s utility customers, working with vendors like Nest to improve solutions and systems in the demand response space. From switch commissioning to advanced metering, she understands what it takes to design and build programs. Corby is also intimately familiar with program operations, so she knows what it takes to set up events for success. For customers, Corby advises on program marketing, enrollment processes, event day preparation and provides expertise in event management, ongoing monitoring, bid reporting, auditing and more.

In her field, Corby is widely known as a pioneer and expert – she helped start one of the first smart thermostat programs in the nation for ComEd, and understands the obstacles facing utilities standing up any new initiative. She also instituted ComEd’s new switch maintenance program, in which customer AMI data is used to determine if maintenance is required. Given her holistic understanding of the utility systems and programs, program manager customers know that if they’re tackling a difficult issue, they should include Corby. A subject matter expert in every sense, Corby helps our customers realize their vision and accomplish their goals.

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