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colleen Morris

President and CEO

Calico CEO Colleen Morris

Check out Colleen’s LinkedIn profile to review her previous experience.

As Calico Energy’s CEO, Colleen Morris balances strategic vision and tactical leadership to help customers find effective solutions to complicated problems. Her background is rich in its variety, with work across industries for companies at many different stages of growth, from startups to Fortune 100 clients. Colleen is able to quickly understand the issues facing markets in which she’s immersed. Leveraging her understanding of the energy sector, Colleen builds exceptional teams for Calico’s customers and partners, and for those facing new or unexplored challenges, she’s a thought leader capable of forging innovative technical paths forward.

Colleen’s market- and customer-driven approach allows her to assemble the right experts to find answers, whether they’re new processes or tools. Too often, technology solutions address symptoms of a problem – Colleen’s ability to factor disparate inputs and build the ideal team means that Calico’s services and solutions address the root cause. Her experience interfacing with engineers and data analysts, coupled with her firm grasp of the energy sector, means that she knows the right levers to pull to ensure utility project and program success.

Prior to Calico, Colleen wore many hats: Product Director, Client Account Executive, Marketing Analyst, Teacher and more. Her enterprise product, account management and technical expertise make Colleen a uniquely qualified Chief Executive Officer and important asset to Calico’s employees and customers.

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