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Data Sharing & Learning from other Industries

What is Energy Focused Open Data Access: 

Presently, only two states have a mechanism for open access data sharing — California and Texas. New York’s Integrated Energy Data Resource is the most ambitious and remains a few years away from completion.

Another twenty states have begun proceedings on the topic. Formally addressing this issue by NARUC is a positive sign and an important step forward for more transparent, shared and integrated open data access.  Other regulated industries like banking and health have overcome challenges presented by data sharing through the collaborative development of industry standards. The movement to democratize utility data looks promising but time is critical and every day that passes matters.

Why It Matters

The Public Utilities Fortnightly article, Grid Data Sharing Lessons: What Can be Learned from Other Industriesdraws comparisons between other industries, such as banking, and the energy sector as it relates to open data access and the associated risks. It goes on to highlight what the utility sector can glean from other industries in the pursuit of the democratization of utility data. The article does, however, overlook the position we hold at Calico within the broader context. It is important to provide data for each customer; this is part of the increasingly digital–first world we live in – as the article discusses. Yet, data at the individual customer level is not enough. It’s imperative to move beyond just customers and consider the other building stakeholders who need access to building level data such as non-account holding building owners, building consultants, municipalities supporting benchmarking submissions, etc. 


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