Utility program management services, engineering resources
and ready-to-implement tools and products.

Energy data expertise. Technical delivery know-how.

In a complex energy distribution and management ecosystem, utilities face an array of program, data and regulatory obstacles. Calico enables the simplicity of automation, flexibility of use and meaningful insights that create opportunities within your organization — right now, and in the future.

Our approach

Calico brings over a decade of experience working with utilities to manage programs, solve problems, meet the demands of compliance and drive innovation. We’ve seen first-hand that success increasingly relies on organized data and quality management.

We go beyond the typical consultancy approach to help utilities manipulate and manage the data they need for program success, new technology and more. We won’t use one-size-fits-all solutions for a diverse set of needs — instead, we’ll work to understand your requirements so that we can build programs and tools that actually fit.

From program design to data management and technical delivery, we’re a true lifecycle partner.

Program management Services

Our experts help utilities define and deliver on the processes and tools needed to implement effective, successful programs.

  • Program design, delivery and support
  • Subject matter expertise in load management, benchmarking, program auditing and more
  • Industry knowledge and regulatory awareness
  • Measurement and verification (M&V), reporting and auditing
  • Technical and engineering resources

Technology and engineering resources

Whether you’re looking to enhance your IT team with trusted, experienced software developers and integration experts, or product managers to take early stage ideas through execution and delivery, Calico provides support based entirely on your needs.

Calico's Tools
and Products

In helping our customers stand up successful, efficient programs over the years, our team has developed a number of ready-to-implement tools and products that help solve for a variety of needs. If your organization is looking to license a tested and proven benchmarking application or smart thermostat integration middleware, we can help.

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