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About Us

Company History:
Calico Energy was founded in 2004 by a group of executives with backgrounds in energy management, enterprise software, hosted solutions, alternative energy, telematics, and technology consulting. The Company’s founders started the company with a vision to redefine the way the world delivers and consumes energy – by developing a hosted energy management platform that would reduce consumption and optimize supply.

Today, Calico is helping energy providers to manage today’s rapidly evolving energy challenges. We offer a unified operations center that connects data, devices, software engines and applications. Through centralized reporting and powerful analytics, this “hub” enables intelligent decision making – as well as control of targeted energy resources and grid assets.

Our Vision: Redefine the way the world delivers and consumes energy

Our Values: Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork, Diversity, Leadership, Attitude, Fun

Our History: Deep knowledge of the energy industry, enterprise technology development, business automation, engineering excellence, architecture, integration, management, market growth, capitalization, and M&A

For additional information on our solutions, and a no-cost consultation, please or call us at (425) 440-0201. We look forward to speaking with you!