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EIS OpCenter & EIS Platform Services

EIS OpCenter
EIS OpCenter is the command-and-control center of the EIS platform. OpCenter allows energy providers to reduce demand through unified energy services and applications. These include: Demand Response, rate programs, baseline management, energy efficiency, and interactive customer communication. Advanced automation and reporting help reduce administrative costs, and identify new revenue opportunities. Key features include:

Additional Features Include:

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EIS Platform Services™
EIS Platform Services is the data infrastructure, logic processing, and analytics engine of the platform. EIS Platform Services™ stores, serves, and responds to requests from customer portals HomeSMART™ and BusinessSMART™, and EIS OpCenter™, the utility interface that controls the EIS system. The goal of EIS Platform Services is to mine and distill information from throughout a utility infrastructure to create actionable data and knowledge.

EIS Platform Services also includes secure web services that enable integration with legacy back-end systems for customer, energy, and price information necessary for EIS functionality – transforming siloed data systems into a single point of access, providing you with system-wide visibility, aggregated data, analytics, and reporting. Key features include:

Centralized Data Architecture
EIS™ is architected in a manner that centralizes key data to maximize customer usability, promote deep utility analysis, and ensure the highest level of security. EIS Platform Services logically stores all data to promote advanced business logic and data mining. This includes Control strategies based on real time pricing, Demand Response capability, and filtering on a multi-hierarchy strategy including customer class, substation, feeder, geographical information, on-site control devices present, etc. Data mining including detailed customer data usage, customer system usage, customer device usage statistics.

EIS API Services
EIS Platform Services™ has an external accessibility channel which enables data exchange, real time interaction, etc. with third party and utility legacy systems. EIS API Services is a set of secure batch exchanges and real time web services that enable external systems to exchange data from external systems and communicate control signals to HomeSMART™ and BusinessSMART™. EIS API Services™ also enable EIS OpCenter to work as a centralized command and control system.

Security and Data Retention
EIS Platform Services™ manages all authorization and authentication for the EIS platform. EIS has specific security mechanisms for both user and machine-to-machine authentication. EIS leverages a variety of profiles and privilege levels to manage authorization for system functionality. All portal and web services communications are conducted over SSL secure communications. In addition, EIS data retention strategies are configurable based on historical data deployment requirements and privacy policies. EIS is able to store a configurable amount of historical energy data and at a configurable level of interval precision to meet specific deployment and privacy needs.
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